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Founded in 1925 by renato raddi, today it is managed by his heirs. Their makers’ mark, FI 97 is the oldest existing in Florence.

In Raddi’s workshops, production is based on the skills of master craftsmen who expertly manufacture, entirely by hand, objects which are valued for their design and artistic qualities.

Since its foundation, Raddi has won various awards for its wealth of products and the axcellence of their workmanship, including in 1934 and 1972 a Gold Medal for Craftmanship, and in 2008 a Gold Florin.

The genuine passion which the raddi family dedicate to silver is guarantee enough for their devoted clients who, over nineteen years, have realised that such dedication naturally becomes respects for those who buy their silverware.


Argenterie Raddi snc
Via del Padule, 23 - 50018 Scandicci (Firenze)
Tel. +39 055 751815 Fax +39 055 751911 e-mail: P.IVA: 00097300487